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Video premiere: Christmas Time Is Near

Snowy Groove: Christmas Time Is Near | Witty Christmas Song from the Forests around Berlin

The track "Christmas Time Is Near" blends the charming solo style of Paul McCartney with a hint of The Police, delivering the perfect soundtrack for the hectic pre-Christmas season. The song brings tempo and drive to your holidays, exploring the ironic side of Christmas hustle and bustle.

Enjoy shots in a fairy-tale winter landscape around Berlin Köpenick. Let yourself be enchanted by the snowy woods, frost-covered trees, and festive ambiance. "Christmas Time Is Near" playfully pokes fun at the hustle and bustle of the pre-Christmas season, bringing a smile to your face.

Music video by Crimson Sunday performing Christmas Time Is Near.


Snow blows in his face

All day and night

See how his reindeers run

Oh what a sight

His sleigh flies round like a shooting star

Oh what a crazy season

For girls and boys

What do you want for Christmas

I guess it's toys

He gives us pleasure, he knows too well

Do you want to sing with me

A simple little melody

Come on and sing along

Such an easy christmas song

Giddi yap and get your deer

Christmas time is near

He will rattle your Christmas bell

Ding dong ding dong

Christmas sing song

Ding dong ding dong ding ding dong

Come on and sing along

Such an easy Christmas song

Giddi yap and get your deer

Christmas time is near

He can roam the streets

All night and day

He gives presents to

Carl, Marc and Faye

He will rattle your Christmas bell

Giddi yap and get your deer

Christmas time is near

© Crimson Sunday.


Witziges Weihnachtslied aus den Wäldern rund um Berlin. „Christmas Time Is Near“ macht sich spielerisch über den Trubel der Vorweihnachtszeit lustig und zaubert ein Lächeln auf Ihr Gesicht.

Der Titel „Christmas Time Is Near“ verbindet den charmanten Solostil von Paul McCartney mit einem Hauch von The Police und liefert so den perfekten Soundtrack für die hektische Vorweihnachtszeit. Das Lied bringt Tempo und Schwung in Ihre Feiertage und erkundet die ironische Seite des weihnachtlichen Trubels.

Genieße die Aufnahmen in der märchenhaften Winterlandschaft rund um Berlin Köpenick. Lasse dich von den verschneiten Wäldern, den frostbedeckten Bäumen und der festlichen Atmosphäre verzaubern.


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